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Triplett, J.

I've never been one to write reviews, good or bad, but I just HAD to write one for Brianna! I reached out to her to ask for help with my personal statement after my second failed attempt to gain admittance into PA school. Honestly, I lost hope but I continued trying anyway not fully believing that I would ever get accepted. Brianna was the PERFECT person to review my personal statement during that hopeless stage in my journey. Not only did she give me insightful and constructive feedback, she was a personal cheerleader. Each of her edits/suggestions were sprinkled with words of encouragement that I desperately needed at the time. Throughout my pre-PA journey I've had countless experiences with reviewers who would provide generic feedback but this was NEVER  the case with Brianna. Also, she was reliable and prompt! Each time I sent an edit, she'd get back to me in less than 24 hours (and this is while she was in PA school and dealing with a hurricane threat in Florida). I truly believe that without Brianna's help and encouragement, I wouldn't be a PA student now. 

Lawrence, C.

My PA school journey was strenuous, challenging, stressful, tiring, and at times seemingly impossible. But, there was one consistency, and that was Professor (Amber) Singletary. She was the foundation of my success in PA school and I believe plays a huge role in how I practice as a Physician Assistant today. While teaching us ‘Adult Medicine’, she held a high standard for her students. Not just to help us be successful on exams, but outstanding future practitioners. She was consistent in her teaching and expectations. She guided us through the very arduous challenge of teaching the “meat and potatoes” of medicine, and she did it with kindness, patience and dignity. Professor Singletary was my mentor. She is passionate about teaching, counseling, open to listening to ALL questions and concerns, and not to mention fun and inspiring! She was an exceptional example of what it means to be a compassionate Physician Assistant. I couldn’t thank her enough for hard work and long hours dedicated to my learning and success.

Risley, A.

Professor Singletary is the total package. Knowledgeable, professional, courteous and more importantly, kind and compassionate. She taught me to be a lifelong learner, and always reminded us that we should celebrate and embrace opportunities to learn. Whenever I come across a challenging case at work, I remember some wise words from Prof Singletary: "There is no ego in medicine!" I come back to this sentiment often and remember that an important part of medicine is the willingness to recognize knowledge gaps with humility.  She reinforced the importance of caring for the community around us, especially those with limited access to resources and medical care. She has a unique ability to provide sound and gracious guidance without judgement.

Gebauer, H.

Professor Singletary sets the bar high.  She expects excellence from her students and inspires students to work to their highest potential. Her approach and expectations are extremely effective. My class had a 100% pass rate on the PANCE exam, largely in part to her tutelage in Adult Medicine.  I was a mother of two.  One particular instance, I had a rough week with a sick child and a travelling husband. Which meant, I failed an exam. when I was not sure I was going to make it through the challenging program, she was empathetic and encouraging. She assured me that I would not fail as a PA. She was right.  I am now an ER PA with two groups around town and have a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Omeed, D.

Amber Singletary’s presence as a professor, mentor and colleague has been invaluable in my development as a Physician Assistant. Her network of colleagues allowed her to  illuminate particularly difficult or detailed subjects. Her colleagues’ willingness and eagerness to collaborate with her is another testament of her value as an educator and partner in the medical field. In addition to modeling professionalism and expertise, Amber and I were able to form a close relationship as a mentor-mentee. Her calm demeanor, willingness to share experiences, and warm nurturing personality made it easy to lean on her for advice in trying times. Even after graduating, I have maintained a professional relationship with Amber and her advice and guidance while applying, negotiating and accepting PA positions was incredibly appreciated. She went, and continues to go, above and beyond to make sure her students and colleagues perform to their maximum potential. I am a better practitioner because of her presence in shaping me as a physician assistant. 

Burton, S.

I know her as Professor Singletary. She is a wizard at breaking things down. Her character is sound. Academically, she is the best around. She is engaging, interesting and super knowledgeable. If you are looking for someone to help you along your academic/ professional journey, you can count on Amber Singletary to assist you. I consider her a resource as she has never stopped helping others, from prospective PAs, to current PA students, as well as her PA colleagues. Amber Singletary is someone you can depend on to help you in your PA journey

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