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Meet the team

Amber Singletary
Brianna N. Grant, MScPh, MSPA, PA-C

Meet Amber Singletary, Physician Assistant-Certified, born and raised in Southern California. She is a woman that is no stranger to multi-tasking and wearing "multiple hats" but one of her most cherished professional roles has been shaping and nurturing others to become vital members of the PA profession. To many she is simply known as Professor Singletary. If you've been a student or mentee of hers, you could say that she has been guilty of being the “nurturing class mom” and at times the “tough love professor,” but never compromised on instilling the principles of excellence, developing and sustaining a good work ethic and maintaining a patient-focused mindset in her students. She has a keen ability to uplift and empower her students while molding them into the future health-care providers she knows they will become. Amber has always promoted professionalism and exhibited high moral and ethical character which has translated to her current and former students.

Even now, she still serves as advisor and professional mentor to former students and colleagues. With over 20 years of PA career experience, she has had many diverse experiences that have shaped her ability to be used as a resource to prepare and guide others in their pathway to becoming a PA. She has worked in Academia as an Associate Professor of Adult Medicine & has lectured in many other PA courses and Programs. She has served on Interviewing and Admissions Committees, served as the Chairperson of an Inter-Professional Faculty Assembly and Chairperson for Program Assessment Committees. Her expertise has also garnered her the capacity to successfully mentor Pre-PA, PA Students (PA-S) and PA colleagues for the last 18 years and she has loved every minute of it!

Amber has participated in extensive community service, having coordinated multiple community service projects, served as preceptor to PA students, and engaged as an alumni liaison. She has traveled locally and as far as Washington DC to advocate for the PA Profession. In her spare time, she has served as a consultant to a private foundation that serves survivors of domestic violence. In an effort to fortify this profession, she has also presented research on a national platform about Diversifying the PA Applicant pool and it is her mission to help you gain entry into and be impactful within the PA profession. We believe that ALL of Amber’s life and professional experiences will serve you in enhancing your personal and professional aspirations and this is why she is choosing to be The PA Snitch!

Meet Brianna N. Grant, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood served as the foundation of what Brianna believes should be the norm for one’s society and profession. Diversity and Inclusion has always been the best way to advance and improve the welfare of others and this remains true today. Throughout her academic journey spanning from undergraduate training to graduate school, it was during these times that she witnessed first hand the struggle and inequality that many students face. Brianna recounts a moment of being told that she should “choose an easier career choice that would better suit your current grades.” In this moment, she decided to not be defined by these words, but instead write her own story and embrace the struggle, which led to her excelling not only in one, but two masters programs. She has definitely defied the odds and now exemplifies resilience, a healthy mindset and a personal passion that is motivated by seeing others succeed as well. This passion is shared by her and Amber in their quest to assist YOU!  To this day, she strives not only to create a voice and path for herself, but to likewise empower others to advocate for their personal and career goals.

In the role of Vice President, representing her PA Class of 2020, Brianna served as liaison between faculty and student body; she counseled and tutored fellow classmates, mediated conflict, been a champion of student affairs, and organized multiple community service and health-care related projects. With Brianna's most recent experience, not only successfully completing PA school but also passing the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam, she is more than equipped with the knowledge to help you on your path to PA. Brianna can often be heard quoting Winston Churchill’s famous statement, ”Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts” and she wants to encourage you to allow The PA Snitch to help cultivate a competitive edge for your PA pathway.

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